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Not all employees should be freed

So I was browsing twitter and stumbled upon this quote that was so well written it prompted me to read a resume of the book it was taken from. I’m lazy, and I know that most books beat the same dead horse in their category, so I read summaries instead and only buy if the angle is different.

Anyway, I read the summary, and somewhere near the end was a part saying that “companies should ditch job descriptions and set their employees free” – the motivation being that job descriptions are too restrictive and harm our creativity.

Sounds inspiring. Of course, it does. We want to feel free. But do we all want that? Is everyone enjoying playing by no rules? I disagree.

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TailwindCSS will eventually fail if something doesn’t change

I’ve been a TailwindCSS user since day one. It was a hard no at first (as it still is for most people), but I gave it a try anyway because it was something built by Adam Wathan. It just goes to show how valuable is the trust you are building with your audience.

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